Waiting for world’s deepest pool in Poland

Still waiting for world's deepest pool in Poland
How the world’s deepest pool construction looks today

We are still waiting for the construction completion and official opening of the world’s deepest pool in Poland – Deepspot. Investor has not provided the exact opening date yet.

According to originally planned schedule Deepspot should be opened at the turn of August and September of 2019. We know it did not happen, timelines has been postponed to first quarter of the current year then. Today at the pool’s website we can see information about summer of 2020 (August). Does anyone still believe in this date?

Once it’s opened, Deepspot will knock spot off the Italian Y-40 Deep Joy (current record-holder with its 42 meters depth, 131 feet). There is still a chance for Polish pool to be the deepest on the world for a moment, but even if the current schedule will be met, Deepspot will not hang on to the accolade for long as an yet deeper pool, with the depth of 50 meters (164 feets), is expected to be opened in Great Britain in 2020.

World’s deepest pool  – what we waiting for:

Still waiting for world's deepest pool in Poland
This graphic rendering shows how the 45 meter (148-foot) deep facility might look when completed.

? 45 meters (148 feets) deep pool

? 4 kilometers of pipes in the main pool, in the caves and in the tube!

? 8000 cubic meters pool water supply!

? water temperature of 32-34 degrees Celsius!

Deepspot is designed for divers to practice, as well as to train in structures that simulate diving into caves. It will be perfect place for beginners to try scuba diving and make first dives in totally monitored environment. What is more, the water is heated, so that people can swim without needing wetsuits.

You can get the immersive experience also without a single splash. There’s a see-through walkway that tunnels right through the pool itself, from one wall to the other.

We are waiting impatiently…

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